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Privacy Policy 


Welcome to the Privacy Policy of Glo With Deb (“Glo With Deb”).  


The Use of the website of Glo With Deb, whose address is (the “Website”), is subject to the provisions of this Privacy Policy.  


By Using this Website, you consent to all the terms of this Privacy Policy, as amended from time to time. If you do not agree to any or all of the terms of this Privacy Policy, please do not Use the Website. 


This Privacy Policy applies to any browsing, visiting, downloading, registration, signing-up, payment, purchase, uploading of information or any other act or use in connection with the Website (“Use”).  


You are not required by law to provide your personal information to Glo With Deb, or to agree to all the terms of this Privacy Policy. 


You declare that you are at least 18 years of age or that you Use this Website with the approval of a parent or guardian who has given their consent to all the terms of this Privacy Policy.  


This Privacy Policy was last updated in July 2021. 


Glo With Deb may make changes to this Privacy Policy. The binding version of this Privacy Policy, at all times, is the most recent version displayed on the Website, and you accept and agree to all the provisions of this Privacy Policy, as amended from time to time. If you do not agree to any change to this Privacy Policy, you should discontinue your Use of the Website. Please review this page from time to time to check the latest and most binding version of this Privacy Policy.  


What Information Does Glo With Deb Collect 


Glo With Deb will receive, collect, process, use and store the following information about you during your Use of the Website:  


  • First Name, Family Name, Date of Birth, Age, Country of Residence, Occupation, Telephone Number, Contact Details, Address, Email Address, Images, Financial Information, Economic Position, Details about Skincare Products or Treatments you have Purchased and Used, Skin and Skincare Information, State of Health, Medical Information, Diet and Lifestyle Information – Glo With Deb will request that you provide it with this information as part of the registration process.  


  • Details of Means of Payment – Glo With Deb will request that you enter your credit card details or other means of payment. 


  • E-mails, “Contact Us” and Other Communications – GloWith Deb will receive, collect, process, use or store any information contained in e-mails that you send Glo With Deb, or other communications you provide to Glo With Deb, and when you communicate with Glo With Deb directly or through the “Contact Us” section on the Website.  


  • Browsing History, Monitoring, and System Information – Glo With Deb will receive, collect, produce, process, use and store: offers and services that interested you, your browsing habits, usage data, information and advertisements you have viewed, web pages you have browsed, location data, IP address, device ID number, device type and settings, language and browser type, and fields of interest you have indicated. 


  • Information Glo With Deb Receives From Third Parties – Glo With Deb will receive, collect, produce, process, use and store information about you that Glo With Deb receives from its advertisers, business partners, e-commerce platforms and from social networks (details, pictures and profile picture, age range, gender, email address and additional information, in accordance with the terms of your agreements with social networking sites). 


The Website also includes links to sites that are not under our control (the “Linked Sites”), which may receive, collect, process, use, transfer and produce information about their users. Providing details, and any other use of the Linked Sites, is subject to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the Linked Sites, and Glo With Deb assumes no liability or responsibility in this regard. 


How Does Glo With Deb Use Your Information 


Glo With Deb will receive, collect, process, use and store your information to interact with you, as part of Glo With Deb's services on the Website (including regarding registration and processing transactions through the Website), to improve and customize your experience when you Use the Website, to send you updates, direct mail, marketing information, newsletters, advertisements and promotional offers that may be of interest to you and for analysis purposes, monitoring, managing, segmentation and improvement of Glo With Deb's services. 


Storing and processing all the above information about you is based on the need to enable you to Use the Website and to provide you with Glo With Deb's services, to monitor or enforce compliance with Glo With Deb's policies and applicable law, on your consent, or on Glo With Deb's legitimate interests in operating the Website. 


Glo With Deb will receive, collect, process and store the above information about you, and other users, in Glo With Deb's database. 


With Whom Will Glo With Deb Share Information  


Glo With Deb will transfer your information to the following third parties:  


  • to the trading and content partners of Glo With Deb, to suppliers, service providers, clearing companies and consultants; 


  • to third parties to whom Glo With Deb provides services on the Website; 


  • persons that may be granted access to information about you by order of a judicial body or any regulatory body; 


  • persons that purchase the activities of the Website, or that merge with Glo With Deb, all provided that such persons agree to the same terms as this Privacy Policy. 


Transfer of Information Outside of Israel 


You are aware and agree that Glo With Deb will transmit information about you outside the borders of Israel. In such a case, the transfer of such information will be performed in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy and as required by applicable law. 


When Will Glo With Deb Share Information With Others 


Glo With Deb will transfer information about you to third parties (as detailed below) in the country in which you reside and abroad (including to servers in a cloud):  


  • for the purposes and uses set forth in the Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy, to support and operate the Website and in connection with the provision of Glo With Deb's services on the Website; 


  • in the event that Glo With Deb believes that disclosure of such information is necessary to: comply with any applicable law, regulation, legal process or governmental request; enforce Glo With Deb's Terms of Use including investigations of potential violations thereof; detect, prevent, or otherwise address fraud or security issues; or protect against harm to Glo With Deb's rights, property or safety, yourself or the public; 


  • in the event that Glo With Deb receives a judicial order or regulatory instruction directing it to provide the information; 


  • in the event that Glo With Deb is acquired by, or merges with a third party entity, or Glo With Deb operates or  merges the activities of the Website with the activities of a third party entity, all provided that the other such entity agrees to the terms of this Privacy Policy.  


Your Rights In The Information 


You have the following rights about the information you provide Glo With Deb and the information Glo With Deb collects about you when you Use the Website: 


  • The right to review the information – you are entitled to review information that was collected about you, that is stored in Glo With Deb's databases, and which is identified and associated with you. It is not possible to review information which is not identified and associated with you. 


  • The right to amend information – if you find that the information stored about you is not correct, complete, clear or up-to-date, you may contact Glo With Deb by submitting a detailed request to amend or delete the information. 


  • Additional rights regarding information – you may be entitled to additional rights regarding the information: rights to have your information erased; rights to limit and stop the processing of information; and rights regarding the transfer of information to other persons.  


To exercise these rights, please contact Glo With Deb by using the contact information provided below. Glo With Deb will review your application and respond according to the timeframes prescribed by applicable law.  


Even if Glo With Deb deletes or amends information, or grants your request in any other manner, Glo With Deb will continue to keep information it requires in order to operate the Website and its business as well as information required to defend and protect its legal rights, to comply with regulatory requirements, to prevent deception or fraud, and for the enforcement of this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use of the Website. 


How Glo With Deb Secures And Protects the Information 


Glo With Deb invests a lot of effort to protect information and implement various information security systems and procedures. However, Glo With Deb's protection and information security systems are not completely protected against all unauthorized penetrations or access, and they do not provide absolute protection. Glo With Deb assumes no liability or responsibility for any damage you may incur as a result of such penetration, unauthorized use, or theft of information from Glo With Deb's databases or the Website. 


Any Use of the Website could expose you to a variety of dangers associated with using the Internet, such as, computer or mobile phone penetration, viruses, malware, etc. Use of the Website is under your sole responsibility. Glo With Deb recommends that you install adequate security software and security means before using the Website and Glo With Deb's services. 


You agree that Glo With Deb assumes no liability or responsibility for any loss or damage of any kind caused to you or anyone on your behalf by Using the Website, if any information about you is lost, disclosed to an unauthorised third party or is used without permission.  


Until When Will Glo With Deb Keep the Information 


Glo With Deb will keep information about you during the period in which you Use the Website, and afterwards for the purpose of providing its services and sending offers and updates or other notifications, all in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy. 


Glo With Deb will also keep the information about you, as may be required to protect and maintain its legal rights, as well as in order to comply with regulatory requirements, the prevention of deception or fraud, enforcement of this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use of the Website. 


Cookies, Monitoring, Control Systems And Advertising By Third Parties 


The Website includes and uses “cookies”, pixels, “web beacons” and other systems that collect information and monitor the Use of the Website. 


“Cookies” are strings of letters and numbers that are stored in the computer's memory (or device) which allows Glo With Deb to store information about you. Some cookies will expire when you finish browsing and close your browser software, and others will be saved in your computer (or device) memory. 


The cookies contain information about your browsing habits, the pages you have visited, the length of time you spent on the Website, where you came from to the Website, sections and information you wish to see when entering the Website, monitoring your browsing and activity habits, details of your ISP, IP address, device location, and more. 


The cookies are used for various purposes, such as: gathering statistics; verifying details;  adjusting the site to your personal preferences; monitoring browsing habits and activities; browsing history; characterizing your usage of the Website; improving the service and user experience; advertising and marketing tailored to your preferences; and information security. 


Some cookies are necessary for the proper operation of the Website, some are used for control, evaluation and analysis purposes, and some are used to personalize the marketing and advertising content displayed to you. 


Some of the cookies and other systems that operate on the Website are operated by third parties or as part of the services provided by those third parties within the framework of the Website. Any use made by these third parties, cookies, web beacons, or any other similar technology, is governed by their privacy policy. 


Disabling Or Deleting Cookies 


You can disable or delete cookies by changing the settings on your internet browser. Disabling cookies may harm your ability to Use the Website and the quality of your browsing experience.  


For more details about cookies, and the different options available for disabling or deleting cookies, please refer to the instructions in the browser you are operating to Use the Website, including: 


Google Chrome browser: 


Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser: 


Mozilla Firefox browser: 


Apple Safari Browser: 


Cookie Settings On The Website 


You can select the types of cookies that will be activated when you Use the Website and those cookies that you do not accept. 


Other Systems That Operate On The Website 


Other systems operate on the Website which collect information about users of the Website, monitor their activities, and some of them also help manage the advertisements on the Website including: pixels, “web beacons” and other means. These tools monitor website usage, scope of use, frequency of use, access sources and other details. The information collected through these tools is designed to tailor the content of the Website and advertisements displayed to you as per your preferences and fields of interest, as well as for the purposes of analyzing, managing and improving your experience when using the Website, segmenting research and monitoring. 


Some of the advertisements displayed to you on the Website are operated by third parties. The use of these tools by third parties to monitor the activity of users is detailed in the privacy policies of those third parties. 


One of the systems that operates on the Website is the Google Analytics system, which collects information about users' surfing habits. For more details on this system, please see these links:, and: For options on restricting this system, see the link: 


Contact Information 


If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy or wish to exercise any of your rights relating to your information and information security, you may contact Glo With Deb:  



By Email:  


By Post: 

4 Hashizaf St, Rannana Israel 

By Phone:




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