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Let's get started!  (Step 1) 

Tell Me All About Your Skin, Lifestyle, And Budget

How knowledgeable are you about skincare?
What are your skin goals?
How much do you pay attention to your skin?
How do you describe your skin type?
What are your skin concerns? (Check all that apply.)
If struggling with Acne: Try to describe your Acne (check all that apply).
Have you been under the care of a dermatologist in the past year?
Have you ever been diagnosed by a dermatologist with any of the following conditions? Check all that apply:
Have you received Botox/ Restylane, or Collagen injections in the last 6 months?
Have you ever had an allergic reaction to any of the following?
Does your face feel tight when you get out of the shower?
Do you sunburn easily?
(Females) Do you take birth control pills?
How much water do you drink every day?
Do you eat a lot of dairy foods?
Check the foods that are a regular part of your diet:
Do you eat a lot of processed and fried food?
Do you take dietary supplements?
Do you wear makeup?
(Females) Are you pregnant?
Do you feel gassy/ bloated often?
How much time are you willing to dedicate to your morning skincare routine?
How much time are you willing to dedicate to your evening skincare routine?
What is your most commonly used method of transportation?
(Females) Have you undergone menopause?
Describe your living environment:
Do you smoke?
Do you get excited by exotic brands and skincare trends like snail mucus and vampire blood?
How do you prefer to shop for your skincare products?
How much money are you willing to invest in your skincare routine?
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