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I just wanted to thank you, Deb. You helped open my mind to skincare that I have never paid attention to in the past. You guided me through a routine that was easy for me and with products that are good for my type of skin. I now have a glow to my skin. You brought more understanding and clarity and now I feel much more confident about what I choose to put on my face.

Rachel, 42

I’m so happy I now know what to look out for and what to stay away from when I buy skincare. I don't get blinded by attractive packaging, a  sales pitch, or great smells.

She also introduced me to great products that are reasonably priced and  I am very grateful for that!

Lauren, 51

I think this is an awesome service and I can’t wait to continue using my new products once I receive them all.

Tahl, 32

I am so glad I can reach out to Deb every time I am tempted to buy a new product. 

Most of the time she will tell me not to buy it and why not! She is very clear and thorough.  I still try out new products, but now I'm choosing what I like from products that are good for my skin.

Diana, 28


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