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Glo With Deb: Enabling You To Glow In Your Best Skin Through Customized Routine Building and Digital Skin Coaching

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  • What’s is covered in the 1:1 skin coaching session with Deborah?
    The hour-long session with Deb will include the following: Part 1: SHAKE AND WAKE Introduction to your skin type Overview of your old skin routine Introducing your new routine Part 2: EMPOWER How to properly select the best products for your skin at the supermarket, department store, or wherever you shop for skincare. Part 3: ENSURE Best practices to help you glow. They will match your personal lifestyle.
  • What do you mean by personalized to my “Lifestyle, Skin and Budget”?"
    Step 1 of the program is filling a questionnaire designed to determine your skincare objectives and personal preferences. Lifestyle: What are your time restraints every morning and every night? How much time and how often are you willing you invest in your skincare? How do you like to shop for skincare- from what’s available in your local shops or are you happy shopping online? Skin: What are your skin goals, concerns and are there any particular problems or challenges you want to invest in first? Budget: Without compromising on quality- do you prefer low-cost products, high-end pricier products, somewhere in the middle of a mix of both? Do you want me to include 2 options- one that is budget conscious with a second option to splurge? The skincare routine I create for you will take into account all of these factors and more, so that it works for you perfectly, and gets you results!
  • What happens after I complete the order?
    Once you choose a package and complete the purchase, you will receive a confirmation email , and you will be directed to complete a questionnaire. That’s where I collect information on the condition of your skin, your habits, preferences, and budget guidelines. Then you’ll upload photos of your face and of the skincare products you currently use. After you complete the form, send me pictures of your face and the products that you currently use so I can evaluate and advise. Once all your information is submitted I begin to work on your routine. I may reach out to you from time to time via WhatsApp with follow-up questions. You'll also receive a link to schedule your 1:1 session.
  • Are you getting paid by the skincare brands to recommend their products?
    No. There is no direct affiliation between Glow With Deb and the skincare brands recommended for you. Products are recommended solely for your personal needs.
  • I'm already using skincare products and I love some of the products I use. Will you include them in my skincare routine?
    That depends on the product formulation and whether it’s right for you. I build the routine, introduce you to it. You decide whether or not to buy it.
  • Do you send me skin care products?
    No. I will create a routine for you and you can purchase products from wherever you wish. When I build you a routine, I make sure that the products are available for you to purchase wherever you live either locally or via an online store. I’ll also include a link for you to purchase online.
  • Will I really know how to buy the right products for my skin on my own?
    Yes! A big part of the Glow With Deb service is to teach you how to buy your own skin care products. When you are at the market, department store, beauty store or shopping duty free… You will know how to look at any product and know if it is right for your skin type, and whether or not the product is packed with ingredients that really work, and not just filled with ineffective fillers. You will be shocked to discover that you can not rely on fancy packaging , tricky copywriting or sophisticated marketing to choose the best products for your skin.
  • I’m already seeing a dermatologist. Can you still help me?
    Absolutely yes. Your skin doctor treats your condition. My routine combines your desire for healthy skin with a radiant glow.

Frequently Asked Questions 

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